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What are the Best Exercises for Weight Loss After Bariatric Surgery?

best type of bariatric exercise

If you’ve made up your mind to get bariatric surgery, you must also make a commitment to change the way you eat and exercise. If not, you will struggle to achieve long-term weight loss. Patients who adopt physically active lifestyles post-surgery tend to have the highest levels of long-term success. Bariatric exercise can greatly improve…

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The Benefits of Keeping a Weight Loss Journal

  Losing weight can seem overwhelming, but it really just requires consistency. No matter where you are on your weight loss journey, you simply have to build healthy habits. One tool that has proven benefits in improving consistency is a weight loss journal. There are numerous weight loss journal benefits and research has shown that…

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Should You Weigh Yourself Everyday?

Many of us wake up every morning and immediately run to the scale to weigh ourselves. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with keeping track of your weight, stepping on the scale daily may negatively impact you. As we weigh ourselves day in and day out, we often begin to judge our self-worth based on the…

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Will You Need Plastic Surgery After Dramatic Weight Loss?

plastic surgery after weight loss

Most bariatric patients lose anywhere from 50 to 200 pounds over the first few years following their LAP-BAND, gastric bypass, or gastric sleeve surgery, which can result in excess, sagging skin in areas that were previously filled with fat.   Whether you’ve already achieved your goal weight, or you’re planning on having a bariatric procedure,…

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Why Omega-3 Fatty Acids Are Important For Healthy Weight Loss

omega-3 fatty acids and weight loss

  If you’ve struggled with obesity, you might have thought a lot about diet and exercise, and you may even incorporate vitamin supplements. But have you considered including omega-3 for weight loss? When you are significantly overweight, you may suffer from a host of health problems that threaten your well-being and keep you from being…

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Spring Clean Your Pantry To Support Weight Loss

stocking your kitchen to support weight loss

The battle to achieve and maintain a healthy weight isn’t won on one field. Diet, exercise, emotional support, medical intervention and education may all be part of a successful weight loss program. That being said, diet is likely the most important factor in long-term weight loss. Spring clean your pantry and remove these unhealthy choices!…

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4 Ways To Keep Off the Weight After Bariatric Surgery

how to keep weight off after bariatric surgery

For the vast majority of bariatric surgery patients, weight loss begins during recovery and continues for one to two years after surgery.   The initial loss can be quick and simple, but staying at your new slimmer size can take some work. If you are hoping to see success in living a healthy life and…

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How Social Media Can Accelerate Your Weight Loss

social media accelerate weight loss

Social media sites — like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram — have revolutionized the way we stay in touch with family and friends. With social media, we can find the motivation to improve our health and wellness. That’s right – you can actually use social media for weight loss! Weight loss experts believe that support…

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What Medical Weight Loss Programs Can and Can’t Do

medical weight loss programs

Many people hear about medical weight loss programs and think that they must be another diet fad, exercise fad, or get skinny quick scheme. Nothing could be further from the truth. Medical weight loss is an umbrella term for several different types of surgeries, procedures, and physician-assisted programs for people with severe weight problems. Unlike…

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