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benefits of high intensity workouts

One of biggest trends in fitness these days is the ‘high intensity workout’, also called ‘high intensity interval training’ or ‘HIIT’. While this might sound like something for professional athletes and gym junkies, high intensity workouts can help even fitness newbies achieve better results in less time.  

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winter exercise tips

The weather has been cold, and that can make outdoor exercise sound a lot less appealing. Even if you’re used to running, walking, or exercising outside, making an adjustment to a winter workout after bariatric surgery can be a challenge.   As a bariatric surgery patient, there’s no reason to let chilly temperatures stand in…

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Weight Loss Exercises to do in the Pool

Looking for an alternative to traditional workout routines? Why not ditch the sneakers and don a bathing suit instead? Pool exercises are a great way to switch up your routine, and working out in the water is also the perfect way to build up your strength and balance, since the water provides natural, gentle resistance…

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