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5 Summer Tips for Bariatric Exercise

summer exercise tips

When the summer arrives, especially after a long winter and a chilly spring, it’s only natural to want to spend as much time enjoying the great outdoors as possible. Summer is also a great time to take your exercise program outside.   For bariatric surgery patients, exercise is also a requirement for staying healthy and…

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Eating With Co-Workers Post Bariatric Surgery

From team lunches to happy hour drinks, food is often a central part of life in many offices. Teams from all industries make regular lunch meetings or breakfast runs a part of the work day.  However, many bariatric surgery patients find themselves unable to participate due to their weight loss surgery diet. This can lead…

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Does Medicare Cover Bariatric Surgery in 2019?

does medicare cover bariatric surgery

Bariatric surgery is a powerful and effective tool in helping people lose weight. Most individuals who undergo bariatric surgery safely lose a significant amount of excess weight within a year’s time.   Medicare approved bariatric surgery is available today due to high success rate and low risk potential, even for older patients. If you qualify…

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