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The Powerful Results Of Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is a big step forward, and most patients are excited to get started on a new way of life. This is especially true for those who have long been struggling to lose weight or manage symptoms of weight-related medical issues.   Outcomes of bariatric surgery often vary from one person to the next.…

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The 4-8-12″ Guide For Working Out”

4-8-12 workout guide

With New Year’s resolutions quickly fading, the real question is this: How do you turn a fad into a lasting, meaningful habit and a healthy lifestyle? It all comes down to the “4-8-12 Fitness Rule” — a rule I’ve developed after 40 years of exercising regularly and talking with other people who do as well.

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Will You Need Plastic Surgery After Dramatic Weight Loss?

plastic surgery after weight loss

Most bariatric patients lose anywhere from 50 to 200 pounds over the first few years following their LAP-BAND, gastric bypass, or gastric sleeve surgery, which can result in excess, sagging skin in areas that were previously filled with fat.   Whether you’ve already achieved your goal weight, or you’re planning on having a bariatric procedure,…

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