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5 Foods To Support Healing after Surgery

foods that support healing after surgery

When you are recovering from surgery, what you put into your body has a significant impact on your recovery process. The right foods will give you the nutrients that your body needs to rebuild tissue and heal properly.   The right foods can also help stave off post surgery complications, such as constipation. While eating…

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Do You Know the True Dangers of Sugar?

true dangers of sugar

Do you eat too much sugar?   According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the typical American eats over 5000 tablespoons of sugar each year, or the equivalent of 150 to 170 pounds of sugar!   While there are different types of sugar, some occurring naturally in fruits, most experts agree that we are eating…

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Bariatric Surgery Exercise Guidelines for Patients

exercising after bariatric surgery

In addition to adopting new dietary practices, you’ll also need to get regular exercise to maintain muscle strength and burn the calories you take in. In fact, you may need to work on your physical fitness levels both before and after the scheduled surgery.   Even so, you must follow your doctor’s plans and precautions…

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How To Talk With Your Child About Your Weight Loss Surgery

talking with children about weight loss surgery

If you’re a parent who’s planning on having gastric bypass surgery, gastric sleeve surgery, or a LAP-BAND procedure, it’s important to speak with your kids about the surgery and the changes they’ll be seeing in you in the upcoming months.   We’ve prepared a quick list of tips on how to talk with your child…

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Emotional Changes You Can Expect After Weight Loss Surgery

emotional changes after weight loss surgery

  Weight loss surgery requires more than just a physical change; it also requires an emotional shift as well. Life post-surgery brings on a variety of emotional changes you might not have expected.   It’s essential you prepare yourself for the potential emotional changes you’ll be facing post-surgery. Let’s take a look at the most…

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How Too Much Stress Results In Weight Gain

stress induced weight gain

Living under stress is both unpleasant and unfortunately common. From troubles at home to busy days at the office, stress is a contributing factor to the day to day lives of millions of Americans. Stress and weight gain often go hand-in-hand.   For those who make little progress in weight loss despite a great diet…

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Issues Women Face After Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery

issues women face after bariatric surgery

While the time and dedication required to effectively lose weight with bariatric procedures are well worth the effort, life after surgery isn’t always easy. From a new diet to an altered appearance, your body and your outlook may change as you adjust to the new you.   Issues for women after bariatric surgery can include…

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4 Ways To Keep Off the Weight After Bariatric Surgery

how to keep weight off after bariatric surgery

For the vast majority of bariatric surgery patients, weight loss begins during recovery and continues for one to two years after surgery.   The initial loss can be quick and simple, but staying at your new slimmer size can take some work. If you are hoping to see success in living a healthy life and…

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How Obesity Can Result In Knee Pain and Rheumatoid Arthritis

obesity can lead to rheumatoid arthritis

Obesity has many consequences to your health, including an increased risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Most individuals are aware of these common factors, but there are other challenges that some patients may not realize. The relationship between obesity and knee pain is one such challenge.   If you have felt pain while walking or…

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