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October Support Walk at Mission Bay

Meet Mary and the Del Mar surgical team for a monthly support walk to explore new places around San Diego to get your exercise in the fresh air! Family, friends, kids, pets are all welcome to join! Date: Sunday, October 29th Time: 9:00am -  We will meet at the De Anza Cove Park by the restroom between the two parking lots.This is a flat walk around the bay...we will go to the Hilton and turn around [...]

Revisional Bariatric Surgery: 5 FAQs

Many people who have bariatric surgery succeed in losing weight and maintaining most of that weight loss. However, sometimes the initial procedure is not as successful as the patient and physician hope. In this case, revisional surgery may be an option to consider. Here are 5 FAQs Dr. Bhoyrul is often asked about these operations. What is revisional surgery? Revisonal surgery is a weight loss treatment that follows a previous weight loss [...]

Do You Know the True Dangers of Sugar?

Do you eat too much sugar? According to the US Department of Agriculture, the typical American eats over 5000 tablespoons of sugar each year, or the equivalent of 150 to 170 pounds of sugar! While there are different types of sugar--some occurring naturally such as in fruit--most experts agree that we are eating too much of it overall. The particularly concerning type of sugar is added sugar, which has no benefit to [...]

New Study Shows ‘Fat Shaming’ at Doctors’ Offices

Obesity is a top health concern, with more than a third of American adults now classified as obese, according to the CDC. It is an important topic that should be addressed with one’s healthcare provider. However, body weight can also be a sensitive subject for many patients. Are doctors doing a good job of addressing weight concerns with patients? According to a new study presented at the 125th Annual Convention of the [...]

Nutrition Labels are Going to Change

Did you know that changes are coming to the looks of our food nutrition labels and what information will be displayed? The FDA has given most food makers another year to implement the changes, so we will start seeing them on store shelves in the coming months. Some food companies have already started to implement the changes. One of the key changes is increasing the visibility of Total Calories by the use [...]

Gastric Balloon Safety Questions

You may have heard on the news that the FDA has opened an investigation into the safety of saline-filled gastric balloons, specifically ReShape and Orbera. 5 deaths have been linked to the balloons, and an additional 2 are being looked at. While all medical procedures have some element of risk, we look at these events very carefully so we can be sure to give our patients the best, and most up-to-date advice. [...]

Last Call for Summer Desserts

It’s summer time and parties and picnics are plentiful. Many people want to cap off the warm summer evenings and gatherings with something sweet. What are some healthy choices? Several varieties of fruit are at their peak during the summer, making it the perfect time to enjoy a healthy fruit dessert! If you’re trying to lose weight, you may be hesitant to incorporate “nature’s candy” in your diet because you’ve heard that [...]

Adding Flavor Without Piling on Calories

During your weight loss journey, you may get tired of eating the same healthy foods and understandably want to enhance the flavor. However, it is important to know how to add flavor without sacrificing nutrition and sabotaging your weight loss efforts.  Some foods that are healthy on their own can become loaded with calories, sugar, and sodium once we flavor them with butter, creamy sauces, dips or marinades such as BBQ sauce [...]

Fiber & Potassium

Are you eating enough vegetables?  Vegetables are very important to our overall health, as well as weight loss efforts. They help reduce the risk for many chronic diseases, including diabetes, stroke, heart disease and certain cancers. In one recent study, eating just over one extra serving of leafy greens a day reduced the risk of type 2 diabetes by 14 percent. Part of this benefit is due to the fiber content. Research has demonstrated that fiber has [...]

How to Get Insurance to Pay for Bariatric Surgery

Weight loss surgery is a vital treatment option for patients suffering from morbid obesity or co-morbidities related to excess weight. A choice for nearly 200,000 people every year, this effective procedure can be life-changing for patients in need. Despite the advantages to overall health and well-being, however, there is one large concern that can stand in the way of a successful procedure: cost. All surgeries, including gastric bypass and other weight loss [...]