Post-Bariatric Surgery Guide to Summer Barbecues

Summer brings with it many things, including the start of summer barbecue season. From Memorial Day to the Fourth of July, family reunions to casual, impromptu get-togethers, the warm weather the summer season brings is the perfect excuse to enjoy grilling and a good time. We have put together some bariatric tips to summer BBQ for individuals on a bariatric y surgery diet.

What To Eat

The first of our bariatric tips to summer BBQ involves paying attention. When you arrive at a barbecue, start by surveying your options rather than diving right in. Start with lean protein, like steak, fish and grilled chicken, and move on to healthy sides, like cooked and raw veggies, fruit, and salad. Choose water or tea to drink. Before serving yourself foods like potato salad and baked beans, ask the host for more information about the ingredients used to ensure low fat, healthier components. For dessert, fruit with a dollop of homemade whipped cream or fruit juice popsicles can be a great way to get something sweet without compromising your progress.

What Not To Eat

Burgers and dogs may be standard barbecue fare, but now is the time to abstain. Often high fat with carb-filled buns, these traditional treats aren’t a good choice after bariatric surgery. If you can’t avoid the cravings, skip the bun and limit toppings to low-calorie condiments like ketchup and mustard. Avoid other high fat, high carb dishes as well, like pasta salad. Brownies or cupcakes may be tempting as well, but stick to healthier dessert options instead. Pass on alcohol; it’s generally not safe to drink after bariatric surgery.

Tips and Tricks

Some final bariatric tips to summer BBQ: Don’t go to a barbecue hungry. Even if you plan to indulge, have a healthy snack before you leave to curb cravings for the fatty, sugary treats that await. If you’re not sure what the party host will be serving, consider bringing a dish with you that you know you can eat, like a fresh garden salad, cut fruit, or veggies with low fat dip. In addition, plan your workout prior to the barbecue; if you’re on a high from a great exercise session, you’ll be more likely to want to keep your healthy streak going.

With the right bariatric surgery diets, you’ll be ready to enjoy all of the barbecues and cookouts this summer has in store. By knowing what you can eat, what you can’t eat, and how to prepare, you can come ready to celebrate the night away.

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