Bariatric Group Workouts

Group workoutsRegular exercise can help you feel good about yourself and the work you’ve done towards your weight-loss goals. Even a short
daily workout has been shown to improve heart health, reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases, and help manage anxiety and depression. Group workouts can be a great way to get motivated, make new friends, and stay on track with your fitness goals.

Types of Group Workouts

While virtually any kind of exercise can be done with a group, here’s some of the most common types of group workouts offered through gyms and community centers:

  • Aqua-fit
  • Aerobics
  • Weight training
  • Walking, hiking, and running
  • Spinning
  • Circuit training (a series of exercises that keep your heart rate up while toning your muscles)
  • Yoga
  • Boot camp
  • Zumba and Nia
  • Line dancing
  • Cardio kickboxing

How To Find The Right Group Workout

Working out in a group can be a bit intimidating, especially if you are overweight or new to exercising.

If you’re feeling anxious about joining a group fitness class, start by looking for classes where you can participate on a drop-in basis — that way, you’ll be able to try out a class without paying for a whole set of sessions.

Also search for group workouts that are targeted towards beginners, or better yet, try to find groups designed specifically for plus-sized participants. If you can, recruit a friend to go with you for support.

There’s a growing demand for fitness programs geared towards people who are overweight and obese, so you might be pleasantly surprised to find that there are workout groups available in your neighborhood!

You can contact us here at Olde Del Mar Surgical to learn about group workouts for our patients — we keep a list of patient resources designed to help you achieve long-term success with your weight loss goals.

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