5 Reasons to Take the Step Now to Lose Weight with Bariatric Surgery


Attractive Plus Model SittingAre you putting off having weight loss surgery? You may be thinking about trying again to lose weight on your own, or wondering if a new fad diet is what you need. Taking the step right now to lose weight is the most important decision. For many people, it is a life-saving decision.

Before you put off having weight loss surgery any longer, consider these reasons why you should take that step today.

#1: Rapid weight loss
Weight loss happens right away with weight loss surgery. That means your body can start to gain the benefits of health right away. This is essential for many people, especially if your body is taxed due to the excessive weight.

#2: Manage diabetes
It may help you to prevent, slow, or even reverse Type 2 diabetes, one of the most common illnesses for those who are overweight. It is not always possible to reverse it, but by losing weight, you will reduce many of your risks of complications, including heart disease and stroke.

#3: Reduce heart risks
Weight loss surgery can begin to help you right now by reducing high blood pressure, reducing high cholesterol, and helping you to prevent heart disease and heart attacks. This is not a benefit to think about later. Those who are overweight are at high risk of heart-related complications at any time.

#4: Improved quality of life
Imagine behind able to do things you love to do but have been unable to fully enjoy for a long time. Even better, imagine all of the new things you will be able to do once you lose the weight. Keep in mind that this may include more activities for family and friends and improving overall well being. You may be able to start a career, go to school, or just spend more time with those that you love.

#5: Improved mental health
Weight loss surgery may help you gain more control over your mental health. It may help with depression, anxiety and social fears. You’ll feel good about yourself and be able to see the value of life.
Many people putting off having weight loss surgery feel they can work on it another day. The problem is, with every passing day, you are reducing your health, life span and quality of life. Take action now by calling Olde Del Mar to schedule a consultation.

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