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The latest news in weight management from Aparna!

Getting ready for a healthy summer? Take a look at these important tips that will get you to that permanent weight loss you have been aiming for!! Eating in moderation is not always the best solution. The is more valdity in eating more “good foods” and less “bad foods” . I was not surprised to find…

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Bs and Ts – eating after bariatric surgery

Our dietitian Aparna sees all our patients as a mandatory part of any weight loss program. If you have any specific food questions she is a great resource. Nevertheless, we recognize, over the years that certain foods are difficult after weight loss surgery, because the stomach pouch is so small, and conversely, its very important…

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Olde Del Mar Surgical/ Dr. Sunil Bhoyrul: Post Lap Band Weight Loss Surgery Diet, Nutrition, and Exercise

Source taken from  Please check out the website and Dr. Bhoyrul’s page. Should you have any specific dietary and/or nutrition questions, please contact Aparna, our Registered Dietitian at 858-457-4917.   Patients are expected to meet with Aparna pre and post surgery.  Aparna also helps in faciliate our monthly support group meetings.

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